multiple model

The first bagpipes ever with replaceable ringcaps on the drones for adjustment of the drone sound for different occasions e.g. indoor, outdoor, band and solo.

Left:    Brazilian Kingwood (Dalbergia cearensis) top and ringcap for a buzzy sound.
Mid.:   Brazilian Kingwood top and brass ringcap for a more brilliant sound.
Right:  Brazilian Kingwood top and ringcap for a soft and mellow sound.

Kingwood (Dalbergia caerensis) density 1.0-1.1 gm./ccm a rare, expensive wood with a violet-brown colour producing exquisite solo instruments

About ROS Bagpipes:

ROS only make custom-made to order bagpipes equipped with our own chanters.
We only use the absolutely best tonewoods available.
All instruments are handcrafted from start to end.
Our new drone construction is a garantie for a easy strike-in and a stable tone.
We can design the bagpipes just to the customers wish.