The ROS Great Highland Bagpipe Chanter

The ROS solo chanter is played by P/M Mats d Hermansson, winner of the
piobaireachd advanced competitions at:

 The Copenhagen Winter Competition 1999-The Scandinavian Championships 1999
The Copenhagen Winter Competition 2000 -The Scandinavian Championships 2000


Alexander Littorin (yes my son) playing his Slow Air and Jig at The Scandinavian Championships 2000

 on his old Peter Henderson and a ROS-chanter for judge Collin McLellan




The King of chanters !


Front ROS Kingwood chanter, back ROS African Blackwood chanter

Ros Kingwood chanters are made of  Mexican / Para / Kingwood, Dalbergia Congestifolia, a small solitary tree, seldom found growing in groups. A rare wood found growing only down parts of the West coast of Mexico.